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Do you have suggestions of additional resources that could be of use? While a competition, d2ls encourages your suggestions in compiling this resources list to raise the bar for all entries and help the City of Buffalo and the Buffalo-Niagara region benefit from the best possible submissions.

  1. Local resources
  2. Regional resources
  3. National resources
  4. General (non-area specific) resources

1. Local Resources

Grow WNY is a hyperlocal environmental news and information website. Partnering with over 80 environmental organizations in the Western New York Environmental Alliance, the website aims to connect the public to the groups and individuals working to improve the regional Western New York environment and provides a source of information about greener living.
AIA Buffalo / Western New York
The local Buffalo chapter of the National American Institute of Architects that showcases design standards, awards, education and all things Architecture in Buffalo and Western New York region.
Bale on Bale Construction
Bale on Bale Construction is a company that uses ecologically responsible materials and technologies to create homes and buildings that respect the natural balance of the Earth.
Buffalo Green Code
The Buffalo Green Code is the new land-use and zoning code for the City of Buffalo. The zoning code has not been changed in over 50 years, and this initiative partners decision-makers with members of the community to work together in re-establishing the framework for how land will be used and developed throughout the city of Buffalo.
Buffalo Skyway Project
The Buffalo Skyway Project seeks adaptive re-use of the Skyway crossing over the Buffalo River.
Buffalo Smart Code
The Buffalo Smart Code reaches out to the public to provide education about zoning, the new zoning code in Buffalo, and form-based zoning.
Buffalo Wind Action Group
The Wind Action Group works to educate about the regions potential to harness wind power, and to advocate for the implementation of wind as a real source of alternative energy to fuel the region Western New York region.
Center Space Buffalo
The Center for Social Progress, Arts, Community and Environment, Buffalo (Center SPACE Buffalo) is a conceptual working space for community-minded individuals and non-profits to operate together inside of a single physical building. The need and demand for this working space is currently being researched by local community-building organizations.
Coalition for Economic Justice
The Coalition for Economic Justice promotes strong, sustainable communities and economic justice for all. Projects include passage of reform for local Industrial Development Agencies in an effort for increased transparency, and dealing with issues such as living wages, local hiring and sustainability.
Gleason Geothermal
Operating in the Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Ithaca regions, Gleason Geothermal installs geothermal heating and cooling systems, as well as solar hot water systems.
Learning Sustainability Campaign
The Learning Sustainability Campaign was created to provide information and links to resources that help to provide a sustainable future that works for everyone. The campaign emphasizes context, critical thinking, problem solving, community engagement, and shared learning experiences.
NRG Insulated Block
NRG Insulated Block follows the cardinal rule of energy efficient design: reduce the building energy load through passive means. NRG block features insulated thermal mass, where a continuous layer of EPS insulation creates complete separation between the interior and exterior walls. This insulation configuration delivers exceptional energy efficiency.
UB Green
The UB Green Office is the environment and sustainability office on the University at Buffalo Campus. The office initiates and supports environmental programs at the university and provides educational resources for individuals on and off campus.

2. Regional Resources

CIR Electric
CIR Electric is a “Blue Collar, Green Company” of electrical contractors in Western New York. Their electrical construction projects include commercial, industrial, new builds, additions, design builds, remodeling and renovation.
Lake Effect Energy
Lake Effect Energy works to transform urban wind energy development from a concept into a reality in Western New York and beyond.
Mid-Atlantic Co-Housing
While not the Western New York Region, Mid-Atlantic Co-Housing provides an example of a resource for individuals seeking information about cohousing.
NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation
The Department of Environmental Conservation is a state agency working to conserve, improve, protect and enhance the environment and New York's natural resources.
Power Nationally
School Power Naturally is a program from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. It aims to educate New Yorkers about energy and the role of solar and wind power.
Rust to Green
Rust to Green New York State is an academic, citizen and community partnership collaborating to explore and advance green futures for rust-belt cities in New York. The group seeks to identify and design new ways to help cities become livable and resilient places.
Solar Liberty
Solar Liberty is a regionally based business that installs solar electric systems in residential, non-profit, academic, government, and business applications.
American Farmland Trust - New York
The American Farmland Trust works to advance policies and secure funding to support agriculture and protect farmland in New York. Additionally, the group promotes local farming and helps farmers keep drinking water clean.

3. National Resources

Center for Green Schools
The Center for Green Schools is the US Green Building Council's campaign to give everyone in the US access to green schools for through expanding efforts to increase design, construction and operations of green schools.
Historic Trust for Preservation
An organization dedicated to helping people protect, enhance and enjoy the places that matter to them. The Historic Trust for Preservation provides education, advocacy and resources to protect America's diverse historic places and revitalize communities.
Infill Design Project
The Infill Design Project is Portland, Oregon's initiative to improve the design of multidwelling and rowhouse development in neighborhoods outside the central city.
KVAR Energy Savings
KVAREnergy Savings markets and sells KVAR energy controller units and energy grid consultations to maximize energy savings for residential, commerical and industrial properties.
LA Eco Village
LA Eco Village serves as model and resource center for ecovillage living, including information on whole-systems approach and making social, economic and physical aspects of neighborhood life to be sustainable over the long term.
PBS Science and Technology
PBS is America's public broadcasting television network. Their science and technology website contains links to articles about science, nature, sustainability and much more.
Rocky Mountain Institute
The Rocky Mountain Institute has a vision to reduce reliance on non-reusable resources through collaborating with both private and public sectors.
Sarah Susanka Design
Sarah Susanka is a nationally acclaimed architect and author, championing the idea of a "not so big" approach to architecture and design as well as her line of best-selling books about smart home design and renovation.
Sustainable Sites Initiative
The Sustainable Sites Initiative is a cross-disciplinary effort to create national guidelines and performance benchmarks for sustainable land design, construction and maintenance practices.
US Green Building Council
The US Green Building Council is a non-profit organization with goals of making green architecture and green building supplies available to everyone in the US.
Web Urbanist
Web Urbanist is a catch-all for stories, photos and innovative design ideas for urban spaces to help alter conventional historical perception.

4. General Resources

Architecture 2030
Architecture 2030 is a non-profit organization aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the building sector by changing the way buildings are planned, designed and constructed.
Beyond Suburbia
Beyond Suburbia is a blog designed as a think tank of sustainability design and trial and error discussions on the path to mutually beneficial neighborhoods.
Cohousing is a source for information on multi-use housing, a way of mixing the benefits of private homes with the desirability of more sustainable living, including common facilities and more connective living.
Environmental Entrepreneurs
Environmental Entrepreneurs is a collaboration between national business leaders promoting sound environmental policy while building economic prosperity.
Green Beat
The Green Beat website serves as a vehicle for "interpreting innovation" by providing technical insight into advances in renewable energy, solar power and other advances.
Khan Academy
The Khan Academy seeks to change the way education is given by providing free education resources available to everyone online. Their materials include videos in math, sciences, and the arts.
Passive House
The Passive House Project is an initiative grounded on the idea of reducing the amount of energy and heat required to maintain a home while maintaining affordability.
Story of Stuff
The Story of Stuff website is a spin-off of the popular movie and serves as a discussion board for environmental and social justice issues.
Todd Ecological
Dr. John Todd is a internationally recognized inventor and constructor of wastewater treatment systems who specializes in cost-effective, renewable and green solutions to global wastewater crisis.

Are you the owner of one of the websites above? If so, please let us know how we've done representing your site. While space is limited to two-three sentences, we are happy to modify language at your request.