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  • Competition submissions may be in one of three forms, presentation board, digital video, or physical model. Other mediums may be approved by request.

    All submissions must be delivered by Friday, May 22, 2015 4:00 p.m. EST (address TBD).

    All submissions must be accompanied by a digital representation of the project for judging and a brief project narrative (1,000 words maximum) sent to Every submission email must be labeled with the subject line, “D2LS 2015 SUBMISSION” and include your registration number. Physical submissions, team photos, and biographies will be displayed at the award ceremony in June (space permitting).

    All final submissions must only disclose the project registration number. No company logos, team or company names, email-addresses, social media accounts, phone numbers, web addresses, or other advertising may be displayed on project boards. This is to ensure that judging remains fair & impartial.

  • Presentation boards must be no larger than 30x40 in. and mounted on a foam core presentation board. Submissions may be any combination of photographs, renderings, drawings, plans, captions, diagrams, collages, etc. that best describe and visualize your submission.

  • Digital video submissions must be no more than 5 minutes long and be a self-containing complete project description. All video submissions must be accompanied by a written transcript or have subtitles available. Videos should be in a common video format (.avi, .mov, .mp4, .wmv, etc) and submitted on CD, DVD, or flash drive.

  • 3-dimensional models must fit through a standard doorway (34x78 in.) or capable of being assembled and disassembled and no more than 20 pounds (assembled projects may be up to 20 pounds per component). Models will not be considered as having been submitted unless they are fully assembled at the time of the submission deadline.

Specific Questions on submission format may be directed to


Creativity, innovation and sustainability are important and designs may be conceptual. All projects will be evaluated based on how well they convey steps necessary to become feasible. Higher consideration will be given to projects which identify potential stakeholders, a timeline for implementation, estimated budget and measurable impacts, where applicable. Entrants should consult existing plans and make sure that their submission directly address sustainability, including how the design affects the surrounding area, the neighborhood and the environment as a whole.

Please see the RESOURCES section of our website for assistance. Click here to view sample submissions from the 2013 Imagine Buffalo competition. Other issues to keep in mind when developing project ideas include:

  • Air Quality
  • Climatology
  • Energy
  • Education
  • Hydrological
  • Recreational
  • Societal
  • Systems of Governance
  • Waste Water
  • Solid Waste
  • Storm Water
  • Water Security
  • Smart Growth
  • *Disclaimer* d2ls reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any submission that it determines to be profane, obscene, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate without refund of any entry fee. d2ls also reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any incomplete submission or any submission that does not comply with the terms and conditions of the competition.